How to apply for safety information registration?
According to Article 7 of Occupational Safety and Health Act, the listed machinery as specified by Ministry of Labor (including Ex electrical equipment) shall be registered on the government web system ( and carries Safety Label. For any questions or assistance in application procedure, please contact us or refer to the inquiry information shown on that website.
Which Ex items are required to obtain ITRI Type Verification Approval
Ex luminaires, electrical rotating machines, and switch panels/gears are required to obtain ITRI Type Verification Approval Certificates prior to the Safety Information Registration procedure. In other words, mandatory Type Verification Approval is required for the above three Ex items, regardless of any existing certificates certified to any standards/schemes. Ex items not in the scope of Ex luminaries, electrical rotating machines, and switch panels/gears are also required to obtain ITRI Type Verification Approval Certificates if they don not have IECEx CoCs.
Which Ex items do not need to be subject to ITRI Type Verification Approval?
Ex items OTHER THAN luminaires, electrical rotating machines, and switch panels having IECEx CoC, or certificates indicating FULL compliance with IEC 60079/61241(or the CNS 3376/15591 equivalents) standards with quality assurance are regarded qualified for registration, and hence not necessary to obtain ITRI Type Verification Certificates. However, additional ITRI Type Verification Approval Certificates can also be used for registration as well.
What Ex items are regarded as "Ex switch panels/gears"?
Switch panels/gears are defined as equipment or apparatus :
  1. incorporating manually-operated control element(s) or movable element(s) accessible from the exterior of the equipment or apparatus during normal operation, and
  2. the element(s) itself or in association with mechanical switch(es) inside the equipment or apparatus can cause electric circuit switching in mechanical manner.
For use in explosive hazardous areas, control consoles/boards, plug/socket assembly, limit switches, position switches/detectors/monitors/indicators that utilize mechanical switching elements are mostly regarded to fall into this scope.
Are terminal boxes regarded as “switch panels” in mandatory type verification approval scope?
Ex terminal boxes for only cable termination purpose, without any switching components or circuit-breaking mechanism are not regarded as switch panels which must be subject to mandatory ITRI Type Verification Approval.
Is type verification approval required for explosion-protected cable glands,
sealing fittings or conduit components?
From January 2015 onwards, Ex cable glands, plugs and conduit sealing fittings for use in explosive hazardous areas are also regarded in the scope of Ex electrical equipment that require product safety information registration. ITRI Type Verification Certificates are also satisfactory for safety information registration.
Are certificates issued by China CBs or authorities accepted in Taiwan?
No. Certificates for Ex equipment issued by CBs or authorities in China are NOT accepted. The only exception is the IECEx CoC (and its associate documents) issued by the ExCB in China (Currently three ExCBs: CQM, NEPSI and CNEx). In other words, any other local certification in China are NOT accepted for valid use in Taiwan.
What are the differences between the “ITRI Type Verification Certificates”
and the “Registration Documents”?
The Type Verification Certificates are issued by government-designated institutes for Ex equipment which have been tested or reviewed/assessed to comply with specified safety standards. The Registration Documents are generated by the government web system ( which indicate the completion of product safety information registration. From 2015, safety information registration is required for all Ex electrical equipment. But note that not all Ex items are necessarily required to take ITRI Type Verification Certificates.
What are the differences between the “Type Verification Approval Label” and “Safety Label”?
         Type Verification Approval Label      Safety Label
     Type Verification Approval Label     Safety Label

Type Verification Approval Label on Ex equipment indicates the compliance with specified standards (CNS/IEC), whereas Safety Label stands for Ex equipment that not only meets specified standards as mentioned above but completes product safety information registration. In practice, all Ex equipment shall carry Safety Label but not all of them have been subject to ITRI Type Verification. For ITRI Type verified items completing product safety information registration, the use of Safety Label takes precedence and it is not necessary to carry Type Verification Approval Label.